GRAM 1/8 1/4 1/2 Oz.
 JV-86    $18 $50 $90 $160 $250

For the second year in a row, West Marin collective Medi-Cone won top honors at Oaksterdam’s 4/20 Spring Bowl, taking home both the coveted People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice trophies.

This year’s winning strain, recently named “JV-86,” is a cross between the famous Northern California sativa strain with its soaring high, Trainwreck, and Shiva Skunk, a potent yet mellow, earthy and relaxing member of the indica family. The entry was submitted by Port City Health andWellness, one of three newly permitted dispensaries in Stockton.

Port City’s Dave Michaels said, “We were excited to team up with Medi-Cone as our cultivation consultants and we’re thrilled that JV-86 is being so well received. For us, joining together made a lot of sense – they are already known as top-flight medical cannabis providers, and this partnership helps ensure that our patients get the best quality, organic, medical cannabis possible.”

This hybrid, stabilized by Medi-Cone Director of Strain Development Mark Martin, produces dense, lavender-colored buds when it finishes at eight weeks.